Top 3 Promotional Product Trends for 2023

Client and employee giving isn’t going out of style anytime soon.  Everyone loves getting a gift of appreciation, but what they’re expecting has certainly changed.

We polled our product development experts, and they identified 3 trends that are a must for promotional products this year.

Experiential Gifting

Nowadays, millennials especially, don’t want a simple gift, they want an experience (Forbes).  There are so many ways to leave your mark while creating a memorable encounter for your customers, clients, or employees.

Let’s start with the packaging.  Gifts packed in a mailer with a custom saying will have their interest peaked from the minute the box lands on their desk or doorstep.  We don’t get as much mail as we once did so uncovering the mystery of “what’s in the box” is the start of the experience.

Now let’s get to what’s inside the box.  There are many ways to gift an experience.

Social media platforms, like TikTok are making more of us inspired to cook at home than ever before.  In fact, 89% of those who view food content on social media say it influences their home cooking (Supermarket News). So gifts that help them get their “chef” on will be welcomed.

Home baking is still going strong and is a favorite pastime for families. That’s why our DIY Fresh Beginnings® Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit with Apron will ‘bake’ them crazy.

Featuring everything they need to make homemade sugar cookies, the kit includes a bag of Fresh Beginnings® sugar cookie mix, vanilla icing packets, a bag of rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, and Mini M&M’S®.  They’ll love creating their own custom cookie creation while an apron with the saying ‘Life is Short, Eat More Cookies’ brings the smiles.

Looking to whip up the drama? There’s our Lodge® and Fresh Beginnings® Cookie Mix and Skillet Set. The sweet skillet set contains a Lodge® pre-seasoned cast-iron Baker’s Skillet with personalized silicone handle sleeve and signature Fresh Beginnings ® Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. Everything they need to create a 6 inch sharable cookie that they will want to share in person and on social.

For an elegant at home experience that’s a cut above the rest, there’s our Everything but the Sushi Gift Set With Bento Box.

The kit comes complete with a custom bamboo bento box filled with a sushi rolling mat and paddle set, nori seaweed sheets, sushi rice, and a miso soup packet for an authentic Japanese experience at home.  Added bonus – with sushi being so visual and unique they’re going to be tempted to share on social, expanding the exposure for your brand and business.

An in-office experience is also welcome too.  Add some excite-MINT to their day with our Scent-sational Mint Gift Box. A Peppermint & Cypress scented candle, Peppermint flavored lip balm and Peppermint mint tin all with a personalized note and logo is certain to add some enjoy-MINT to their day.


Sustainability is a trend we’re seeing inside and outside the promotional products space.

68% of consumers agree doing something to help the environment makes them feel happy, according to market research firm Mintel.  So, when a business they deal with gifts them a sustainable product, it’ll give them the warm feelings.

There are many sustainable options out there on the market.

A popular sustainable material that also adds elegance and class is bamboo. Bamboo is technically a grass that grows back quickly and requires little water and pesticides helping to conserve resources while offering a sharp wood-like look.

We offer several bamboo solutions from a Bamboo Bento box With Lid, to Bamboo Kitchen Gift Set, — even a Bamboo Charcuterie Board.

Another sustainable material option growing in popularity is the bio plastic wheat straw.  Wheat straw is a byproduct of growing wheat that’s usually thrown away (Ecoworld). Recently it’s been used to create food-safe certified plastic that’s BPA free and made without fossil fuels.

Depending on the manufacturer, wheat straw plastic is also compostable. That’s why our Wheat Straw Utensil Set complete with fork, spoon, knife and travel kit, will make a lasting impression while helping them to be sustainable while on the go.

Gifts That Give Back

 Today you need to be more than a good, reliable brand. You have to be a brand that’s doing more to help the community and environment around them.  Shoppers under the age of 40 want to give back where they shop and do business (Forbes).  That’s where offering giving options from companies that give back help to seal that bond.

For apparel and hard goods, there’s our brand new ACE line. Our retail-inspired drinkware and apparel is sure to be a hit this year. And the best part? A portion of the proceeds from sales of the ACE line are donated to the National Park Foundation.

For edible gifting there’s our Verterra line.   Not only are their palm leaf trays biodegradable, but a portion of proceeds from the collection is donated to the National Park Foundation.

For 2023 it’s more than the trending color or shape that’s attracting attention to promotional products.  It’s the holistic scope of each item.  Is it offering up an memorable experience? Is it helping the environment?  Is it helping the community?  Offering products that fall into these categories will help to make sure you and the customers you serve get noticed.